Omdat hij bijna nooit in een band zat die hits op bestelling leverde, is hij bij het grote publiek niet zo bekend. Maar binnen de kring van popmuzikanten staat Peter Langerak er goed op.


About.. me in the Musicscene

THE BEGINNING:  I started playing guitar at a young age, inspired when I heard Rock 'n Roll Music, sung by John Lennon on the radio. I was struck, and I knew instantly that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. (I found out later it was written by Chuck Berry). In those early years there were just a few guitar teachers and those had but little to do with the music that inspired me, so I taught myself, learning to play the music I heard on the Radio. Later on I started to write my own songs..

MUSICAL ROOTS:  Even though I played the most varied styles (which probably has to do with my broad musical interest) one could say that I'm back to my roots now playing Blues music again. I don't really listen much to other guitarists. I prefer to embrace the music in its entirety and maintain my own freedom in musical translation.

INFLUENCES:  My musical influences are very diverse: blues, rock, classical, pop, jazz. Actually, I use the well-known quote “you only have two kinds of music: good and ...”

BEHIND THE MUSIC:  In my musical wanderings I found out that in most popular music it is actually not just about the music alone, often there is also a thought behind it, whether it is jazz, blues or pop music, it is usually part of a lifestyle , for both the maker and the listener. You can also see that in clothing, haircuts and even in the location that people visit.

SOME EXPERIENCE:  A number of bands I played in and recorded records/CDs with, are: Sfinx (with Ton Scherpenzeel and Pim Koopman, Vitesse, For The Love of Money (with Anouk among others), De Rest (with Hans Vermeulen) The Blues Rock 'n Soul Review (with Boris van der Lek), AJ Plug Band, The Bluesfuse, Mariëlla Tirotto, Talking Blues. Also, I joined many special evenings such as the DrumDrieDaagsche with Cesar Zuiderwijk and members from Livin' Blues.

NOWADAYS:  In the recent years I’m part of the Haags Beat Festival, Rocktown Buddies is the band with Cesar Zuiderwijk, Rinus Gerritsen, Hans Eijkenaar, Spike van Soest, Tim Akkerman, Rudy Bennett, Rob Bolland, Erwin Nyhoff and many others. As from 2021 I’m touring with The Twelve Bar Blues Band, through the Netherlands, Germany and USA.

EQUIPMENT:  The equipment I use depends on the band and songs, amps: Fender Prosonic, Fender Supersonic, R20, Mesa Boogie. Guitars, Gibson ES335 (1964), div. Les Paul's, Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster etc.